Staff and Programs

Meet our staff and learn more about our programs:

Administration and Operations

Under the leadership of Institute Director Allison Alberts, Ph.D. staff in Administration and Operations provide critical support to the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research team in the areas of facilities, finance, human resources, development, and public relations.

Applied Animal Ecology

The Applied Animal Ecology Division focuses on large-scale conservation programs that assist in the recovery of endangered and threatened populations. They apply scientifically acquired behavioral and ecological knowledge to solve conservation problems.

Applied Plant Ecology

The focus of the Applied Plant Ecology Division is on sustainability and restoration of native ecosystems, seed science, habitat monitoring and management, plant-animal interactions, and recovery programs for rare and endangered plant species. 

Behavioral Ecology

The Behavioral Ecology Division documents factors responsible for variation in reproductive success among animals. They incorporate a multidisciplinary perspective designed to contribute to improved management and conservation of animals and their habitats.

Conservation Education

Education and outreach form the essential cornerstones of any successful conservation endeavor. At the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, the Beckman Center for Conservation Research is the only dedicated conservation education lab in the world.


The Genetics Division develops and utilizes technologies to provide important new insights relevant to the assessment, monitoring, and management of endangered species in zoos and in the wild.

Reproductive Physiology

The Reproductive Physiology Division applies innovative science and technology to the conservation of genetic diversity through enhanced reproduction of endangered species. Four major areas of investigation support this mission.

Wildlife Disease Laboratories

The Wildlife Disease Laboratories are the diagnostic specialty group for San Diego Zoo Global. Their goal is to help remove disease as a roadblock to conservation. They accomplish this through multidisciplinary disease investigations and innovative research.

San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research works in more than 35 countries around the word. Programs address the biological requirements of the target species, conservation and restoration of critical habitats, and training opportunities for range country scientists and resource managers.

Conservation Partnership Development

Conservation Partnership Development identifies, cultivates, and coordinates new collaborative opportunities to advance the Institute’s conservation science mission. Current programs include innovative applications of the Institute’s multidisciplinary expertise to species recovery, large-scale grants management, technology transfer, and biomimicry.