A Master’s Program with San Diego Zoo Global

San Diego Zoo Global’s Conservation Education Division of the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research is partnering with Project Dragonfly at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, to bring an innovative and unique master’s degree program to Southern California.

2015 Summer Teacher Workshops in Conservation Science

The Conservation Education Division at the Institute will be offering four teacher workshops this summer. Interested high school and middle school science teachers from around the nation are encouraged to apply online.

Ten More Reasons for Hope!

We are committed to saving species worldwide by uniting our expertise in animal care and conservation science with our dedication to inspiring a passion for nature.

Saving the World’s Most Endangered Lizards

New Collaboration for Caribbean Island Iguana Conservation

Is That Capuchin Watching You?

As a behavioral researcher, these animals offered a unique opportunity for study, as we don’t normally have such large troops of primates living together at the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo Global Joins Cheetah Breeding Coalition

San Diego Zoo Global has recently joined the national cheetah Breeding Center Coalition (BCC) to create a sustainable cheetah population that will prevent extinction of the world’s fastest land animal.

San Diego Zoo Researcher Nominated for Prestigious Award

San Diego Zoo Global’s director of applied animal ecology, Ronald Swaisgood, Ph.D., has been nominated to receive the biennial Indianapolis Prize, the world’s leading award for animal conservation.

Cameroon’s Ebo Forest Wins a “Green Oscar”

Conservation, at its heart, is about people, and the Central African Program is fortunate to have some of the most dedicated people striving to conserve some of the most spectacular and biodiverse forest remaining anywhere in Africa.

Monitoring Reproductive Status in Giant Pandas and Other Carnivores

Once a year, over a brief 2-day period coinciding the female’s estrus, males and females unite. About 135 days later, a cub is born.

Looking for Jaguars in the Night

The goal is to determine what size of an area is needed to protect healthy populations of these top predators and what impact a sustainable logging operation has on these and other species.

What Young Desert Tortoises are Wearing this Season

On Friday, September 21, a team of conservationists translocated 60 juvenile tortoises into a large protected habitat area. 

Scientist Has “Field Day” in Galápagos Islands

Renowned geneticist Dr. Oliver Ryder was recently invited to an international workshop on the Galápagos Islands to plan the next 10 years of Galápagos tortoise conservation efforts.

Training in Primatology: Building Capacity to Ensure Long-term Primate Conservation

I have devoted much of my career to mentoring up-and-coming primatologists. Over the last 11 years I have trained and/or supported over 70 students.

Giant Panda Duo Pairs Up for Conservation

The giant panda team, made of zookeepers, veterinarians, nutritionists, scientists and others, will monitor Bai Yun’s behavior over the coming months, looking for signs of a possible pregnancy.

The Nose Knows: The Perceptual World of the Giant Panda

Every move a panda makes is calculated to conserve energy. Even his placement of scent marks is efficient.

Scientists Studying Songbird at Safari Park

Understanding the biology and habitat requirements of the cactus wren is an important part of ensuring proper habitat restoration and the birds’ ability to rebound.

San Diego Zoo Global Relocates 36 Desert Tortoises Near Las Vegas

San Diego Zoo Global Relocates 36 Desert Tortoises Near Las Vegas

Hawaiian Endangered Bird Conservation Program Honored with Plume Award

Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program Recognized For Propagation Achievements

San Diego Zoo Global Reaches Peru Field Station

San Diego Zoo Global will play a key role in helping to conserve the Amazonian rain forest by taking on management responsibility for a conservation and research station located in the Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru.

Endangered Hawaiian Birds Get a Boost

Interesting video about the beautiful and endangered Hawaiian bird, the palila.

Genome 10K Project Announces First 101 Species for Sequencing

The Genome 10K Community of Scientists and BGI (formerly the Beijing Genomics Institute) of Shenzhen, China, have announced a plan to sequence the genomes of 101 animals within the next two years.

Tadpole Release To Bolster Endangered Population

University of California, San Diego Zoo, State and Federal Agencies work to increase mountain yellow-legged frog population in Southern California.

USFWS and San Diego Zoo Collaborate to Save Species

Officials representing San Diego Zoo Global and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service formalized a partnership to work together to save endangered species.

Hawaiian ‘Alala Birds Set New Breeding Record

San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research biologists working to save endangered bird species in Hawaii are celebrating an important achievement this year.

Local Man Receives Conservation Honor

San Diego real estate developer-turned conservationist, Ivan Gayler, was awarded the San Diego Zoo’s 2010 Conservation Medal for his efforts to safeguard nine million acres of critical plant and animal habitat in Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia and Peru.

Elephant with Radio Collar Killed in Botswana

Sadly, one of the three elephant ambassadors for this project seems to have fallen victim to the very thing the conservation effort hopes to resolve…

Rare Tadpoles Released Into Wild Stream

Scientists and researchers released 36 endangered tadpoles into a stream near Idyllwild, CA. Tuesday, August 24 with hopes that the Southern California population of the mountain yellow-legged frog Rana muscosa has a chance of thriving in the wild again.

Primate Conservation in Asia

Maximizing the sustainability of critically endangered species requires a fundamental understanding of their biology, translating that knowledge base into workable conservation solutions, and training the next generation of in-country scientists and reserve managers.

Mountain Yellow-legged Frog Update

2009 has been a great year for the adult population of mountain yellow-legged frogs at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

Amphibian Disease Laboratory

Wildlife Disease Laboratories at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research are pleased to be able to offer low-cost testing for the amphibian chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and Ranaviruses in zoo collections.

Alarming Amphibian Decline Prompts Health Screening Protocol

Scientists from around the globe work to address issues of amphibian extinction with funding from the Institute of Museum And Library Services.