They Came from a Land Down Under

On October 29, 2019, platypuses could be seen outside of Australia for the first time in more than 50 years. An 8-year-old male named Birrarung and a 15-year-old female named Eve arrived at the Safari Park, where the new Nelson M. Millsberg Platypus Habitat awaited them in the Park’s Walkabout Australia. The two platypuses were flown to San Diego from Australia’s Taronga Zoo, in specially designed platypus travel crates that included insulated panels, ventilation, and cameras, as well as temperature and sound loggers. A Taronga Zoo platypus keeper accompanied the platypuses on their journey, and stayed in San Diego for two weeks to help the platypuses acclimate to their new home. They settled right in, wasting no time in exploring every inch of their habitat, swimming all around their pools, playing in the waterfalls, and foraging and hunting for their crayfish. SDZG staff and Safari Park visitors could not have been more thrilled to have these unique and fascinating animals in San Diego!


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