New Leaders

In 2006, two new leaders started their positions: Allison Alberts, Ph.D. (far left, in the field with colleague Glen Gerber, Ph.D.; and above, at the Beckman Center) became director of conservation and research for the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species (CRES), and Robert Wiese, Ph.D. (left, at the Park with a tamandua), joined the Zoological Society as director of collections.

Dr. Alberts wasn’t actually a new employee: she first started working for the Zoological Society in 1991, and she had been head of the Applied Conservation Division of CRES since 2000. One of her special areas of interest was the headstarting and reintroduction of endangered Caribbean iguanas, a successful series of conservation programs for the Zoological Society. One of the first functions she oversaw as CRES director was the 10 Reasons for Hope Endangered Species Day Symposium, held at the Beckman Center for Conservation Research (above).

Dr. Wiese came to the Zoological Society from the Fort Worth Zoological Society, where he worked as director of collections. Previously he had also worked as assistant director of conservation and science for the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA). He brought a wealth of experience in strategic planning for both conservation programs and collections to his position in San Diego.


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