Nighttime Is the Right Time…

…for seeing things in a new light! The summer of 1994 opened up the nighttime world of the Zoo and the Wild Animal Park to visitors, with some different experiences under the stars. The Zoo created festive evenings Thursday through Sunday with music, family activities, magicians, costumed characters, animal ambassadors, and a special show in Hunte Amphitheater, plus opportunities to see some of the more nocturnal Zoo residents up and about (like the cats—Orson the jaguar did a little modeling for the event, left). The Wild Animal Park set up tents and invited guests to stay overnight to camp, complete with dinner around the campfire and nighttime strolls (below). The Park had wanted to include a camping experience since it first opened in 1972, and now the plans had finally come to life!

These nighttime adventures probably sound pretty familiar—because they were very popular, and they’re still going strong today. The Zoo has expanded nighttime operations to every night during the summer for Nighttime Zoo. The Park’s Roar & Snore overnight camping has grown into the Roar & Snore Safari, with a permanent campground, many more activities, different themes and choices, and even some luxury tents for those who prefer a little “glamping” to roughing it in sleeping bags!


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