Stars Are Born

The popular Seal Shows in Wegeforth Bowl were complemented by a new show in 1978 that ran at alternating times: the Animal Chit-Chat Show, which began a new tradition of introducing audiences to a variety of animals in a fun, fast-paced presentation. Opening week in August 1978 featured Daphne the emu, Rufus the timber wolf, Corky the harbor seal, Sugar Plum the miniature horse, Irving the indigo snake, and Terrence the red-shouldered hawk—which includes a few names that are probably very familiar to longtime Zoo members! Terrence the hawk is seen here with animal handler Carlee Schofe (better known today as animal trainer Carlee Robinson). Some names may have changed over the years, but the enduring popularity and longevity of the shows starring Zoo animal ambassadors that started with the Animal Chit-Chat Show prove, “there’s no business like Zoo show business!”



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