A New Director Steps In

After Dr. Schroeder retired, Charles Bieler, who everyone knew as Chuck, took on the directorship in 1973. Chuck had worked for Dr. Schroeder for many years. Dr. Schroeder thought highly of him, which showed because he kept adding to Chuck’s responsibilities. Chuck started out as event sales director, but then he was also asked to be in charge of the bus tours. When the Skyfari opened, he was asked to manage it. Then Dr. Schroeder asked Chuck to be his assistant. With each new addition to the list of responsibilities, Chuck would ask if he was still in charge of the former ones. Dr. Schroeder would say, “Yes. Can you do it?” And Chuck would respond, “Certainly.” It seemed entirely appropriate that he would eventually become the director, with all that experience in so many areas. Could he do it? Certainly!


New Era 1967 - 1976
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