Dr. Schroeder on the Move

Dr. Charlie Schroeder’s seemingly boundless energy and optimism had taken him far—and he wasn’t about to take a back seat now. He was in the thick of planning the Park, and loving every minute of it. Never known for being particularly patient, he wanted things to get moving. The route for the electric monorail train had been worked out on paper, but Charlie wanted something more concrete. As the story goes, Zoo photographers Ron Garrison and Fred Schmidt were out on the Park property taking some photos one day, when they saw Charlie tromping through the brush with stakes and a mallet, stopping at intervals to pound a stake into the ground. When they asked what he was doing, he told them he was marking out the monorail route, because it was “taking too long.” So Ron told him to hammer in one of the stakes and he’d take his picture (left). Then Charlie was off, and as Ron and Fred struggled with their camera gear, they told him to wait up and they would go with him. Without slowing down, Charlie replied, “Well come on then, you’re just going to have to keep up with me.” That was never an easy task for those who knew Charlie Schroeder!


New Era 1967 - 1976
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