Lights… Cameras… “Zoorama!”

In 1955, the San Diego Zoo found its way into people’s living rooms. The television show “Zoorama” debuted that year, broadcasting from the Zoo. At first the show aired live each Sunday afternoon, and the spontaneity of the interviews and the unpredictability of the animals were a big draw. The first host was Doug Oliver (left, and below, right), and then host Bob Dale (above, right) took over and remained with the show through the rest of its run. Dr. Schroeder loved having the show at the Zoo and the publicity that came with it—but he also insisted that the animals were the stars, and that the show should always be educational. Later, “Zoorama” was filmed on videotape, and it went into syndication in the 1960s. It was dubbed in several languages, including Japanese, and people around the world saw the program and came to know the San Diego Zoo.


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