Statement of Pride

A testament to the growth of the San Diego Zoo—and the pride of the staff in what they had accomplished—is in Belle Benchley’s Annual Report of the Executive Secretary for June 30, 1950.

“Along with the physical growth of the zoo there has been a parallel growth of public service which has brought it as wide approbation as the collection itself. Dr. Wegeforth began from the beginning of the zoo, perhaps before the actual beginning, to impress upon his associates and employees, especially the Executive Secretary, the obligation the zoo had toward education, science, conservation, and public need. At first our efforts reached only our community, then it spread to our neighboring communities, now it is no exaggeration to say that our contributions are worldwide in their scope, and the most precious and valuable possession the Zoological Society of San Diego owns is the cooperation and intimate association it enjoys with the federal, state, and local government bureaus; with hundreds of universities and individual scientists; and the foreign governments and institutions. Moreover, wherever we go we meet friends whom we many never have seen but who know our institution and its contributions to medical research, natural science, or conservation of wildlife. This has come about first through our publications, second through our staff contacts, and most important of all from the millions of visitors who have seen, talked about, photographed, and loved our zoo and gone home to tell their friends.”


Growth 1947 - 1956
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