What We Do

Inspiring Change

Forest Guardians: Conservation Education in Peru

This is a reflection of the bottom-up approach shown to be important for the long-term sustainability of conservation initiatives.

Cocha Cashu: Training the Next Generation of Conservation Ecologists

We invite you to come to our station and see for yourself. Cocha Cashu will introduce you to Amazonian ecology in a way nowhere else on Earth can.

Teachers and Zoos: Working Together to Save Species

Connecting people to nature and science while also inspiring them to conserve global biodiversity is a 21st century challenge uniquely fitted to zoos.

Forest Guardians: Protecting the Forest Begins with the Community

Our ultimate goal is to spread Forest Guardians to schools around the world, beginning with San Diego Zoo Global’s own projects and resulting in a global community who is ready to take on the challenge of preserving their own valuable resources.

Broadening the Conservation Toolbox

In the process, we will help facilitate successful initiatives that can help save species from extinction.

Exploring Cocha Cashu

Traveling the wide, brown rivers of Manu Park treated us to a continuous biodiversity sideshow of herons, basking tortoises, titi monkeys, peccaries, and towering flowering emergent trees.

Earn your Master’s Degree with the Zoo

The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) represents a partnership between Miami University’s Project Dragonfly and San Diego Zoo Global.

Training in Primatology: Building Capacity to Ensure Long-term Primate Conservation

I have devoted much of my career to mentoring up-and-coming primatologists. Over the last 11 years I have trained and/or supported over 70 students.

Teachers Diving Into Diversity

We launched our first conservation summer workshop for life science teachers just five years ago and since that time, the program has grown by leaps and bounds!

Bioinspiration – Nature in a New Light

Bioinspiration is a methodology in which biological systems, processes, and elements are studied to draw analogies to be applied to human design and industrial challenges. We use a creative lens— geared toward invention & interactive discovery— to spark novel interest in biodiversity, wildlife, and conservation.

Conservation Education Lab: Always on the Lookout for Bright Young Minds

Students from kindergarten to graduate school are learning firsthand about the tools and techniques that our scientists use in order to save plants, animals, and habitats around the world and in our own backyard.

Introducing San Diego Zoo’s Arctic Ambassadors

Polar Bear International’s Leadership Camps are designed to inform, inspire, and empower future leaders who will return to their communities to motivate others to reduce their carbon footprints and help save Arctic ice for polar bears.

Native Seeds for Native Americans

The Burpee Foundation’s support for the Native Seeds for Native Americans program is culminating in exciting and innovative native plant outdoor education classrooms. 

The Perfect Place to Learn

The Conservation Education Lab is a fully equipped research laboratory where students, teachers, and members of the community are given the opportunity to learn firsthand about the importance of biodiversity and the critical tools and techniques used to conserve it.

Local Conservation Science Education Reaches Beyond Lab

Our Conservation Education Program seeks to inspire community members to value and conserve biodiversity by enhancing basic scientific literacy.