Success Stories

Success Stories

Caribbean Iguanas

Our efforts in the Caribbean over the past 18 years are proving successful in saving the region’s iguana species from extinction.  In several countries, we have helped pioneer strategies for headstarting juvenile rock iguanas so that they are less vulnerable to mammalian predators. 

Giant Panda

Our researchers developed thermal imaging as a novel technique for early pregnancy diagnosis and produced the first surviving giant panda cub in North America through artificial insemination.  With five cubs born to date, our unprecedented success has contributed to a global baby boom that has reached 300 pandas in zoos and breeding centers, the target population size necessary for sustain the species into the future.

Hawaiian Birds

Every day, scientists at San Diego Zoo Global are faced with the challenge of how to recover and restore those individual gems in the treasure chest of the world’s imperiled habitats:  endangered species.  Nowhere does this hold more true than Hawaii, where we are left with but a remnant of what once was. 


The San Diego Zoo Global is a leading partner in the efforts to save the California condor. In 1982, only 22 birds remained in the wild, and the species was in imminent danger of extinction.